Blue Gold

parts of speech shift the closing
between us, particles slip off your lips,
i can’t hear anything, i’m lost in your blue gold
purples in shadow, indigo ridges
copper threads in my eyes wrapped tight,
woven around shutterbug pupils, wide-eyed

your eyes…
are cake of indigo; blue gold,
Mesopotamia, Nile merchants, Spice Islands,
Egyptian gods, Persian impositions of dues to pay
-in Japan your eyes became especially
important during the Edo period
Newton described them as one of two
primary colors, adding them to the
rainbow, Lectiones Opticae in 1675

your eyes came to North America
by way of trade, on ships where
they became cash crops, they settled,
like dust, blossomed like wild flowers,
like dreamers, shined like a wishful spring morn
they dug roots deep into lush lands, cool hues
grew into discs that glisten
like mountain glacier pools,
your eyes, your precious blue gold-


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