A Journey

A sliver of a moon hangs
lopsided, like the Cheshire Cat’s smile,
nestled in the deepest dark.

Stars sprinkled around us, like
Forget-Me-Nots in heaven’s meadows,
we remove the clock from the wall
and sit in silence.

One stubs their toe,
the other wipes their eyes
I prick my finger at the exact moment
you become a collection of memories,
all of everything between mile markers
on universal highways, a journey
of your own making.

We want signs, we beg for them,
signs that’ve been there all along-
even a word that might embrace us in this silence.
We sink into the quiet, watching You light up
the vast expanse of foreverness,
witnessing the beginning
of a million stories being told.

We’ve never been your children
more than we are right now.
We take the road you haven’t gone down.
You take the road we’ve not yet traveled.
Sky is ablaze. Earth bends.
Only time breaks, shattering
into a thousand unspoken confessions
of love, of loss,
of a lifetime of movement
stretching out in front of us, for always.

One sighs, the other cries out.
I hold my hand to my chest and feel
You embracing us.
As you have all along.

3 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. Today I went to bed early for a person like me who uses to go to bed at 2 or 3 am. But today as I lay in bed in the holy darkness of my room I thought of Dianne, I felt her presence. She was standing by my bed holding a lit candle telepathically asking me to light candles for her. I sat up in bed saying “are you gone across the veil?” She left the room with a smile in her face. I could not sleep after that. I laid down agai but cold not sleep. Frani came in and told me that Dianne had left for the other side. Bu I knew it. Farewell beloved, I carry you in my heart. Till we meet again in that vast tiny space of sister souls.

  2. Beautiful poem about loss and the grief journey. I an sorry for the loss of your friend . I too lost a dear friend this year and your poem was perfect . Thank you! God bless you and comfort you .

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